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Denver Program


A 6-month journey of stepping into the woman you were born to be + creating a life you love.


Tentatively Scheduled to Start January 2025

Apply to Get on the Waitlist

Authentic Living is for women ready to claim the truth of who they are and the life they've always imagined. 


Women like you who want to. . . 


  > Come alive

  > Move towards your deepest desires

  > Live from a state of love, joy and freedom

  > Belong to a fierce-loving sisterhood

Authentic Living Lindsay and Beth

This program will help you step into your full power and potential  - and become the woman you were born to be.


Through game-changing principles and tools, unparalleled sisterhood and personal coaching from us, 

You will. . .  


  > Awaken to your inherent radiance and learn to live from that awareness 

  > Be seen, supported and celebrated

  > Grow beyond perceived limitations and breakthrough what's holding you back

  > Follow your heart and live into your desires 

Stand forward in the fullness of who you truly are


Authentic Living provides the roadmap, structure and support for brilliant woman like you ready to say yes to living more fully and authentically than you ever thought possible. 

The journey starts here. Join us.

Step into an Awakened, Radiant Life

Kelly Hollins, Business Owner

This program changed everything for me. It changed the way I show up in my relationships and, more importantly, it changed my relationship with myself. Before Authentic Living I was so busy doing for everyone else that I had forgotten who I was. Thanks to Beth and Lindsay, I was able to remember and rediscover the things that fill my soul - the things that fuel, uplift and excite me. Life has become a lot more fun and a whole lot more beautiful.

What  Women are Saying

What makes Authentic Living so Powerful?

Imagine. . .  








Bringing forward a dream or desire - something that has heart and value to you - by chunking-it down into achievable and actionable goals.

Trading in playing small, settling for "good enough" and feeling numb for coming alive, showing up in the fullness of who you are and going for what you authentically want. 

Awakening to your true nature - LOVE - and living in alignment with that truth.

Learning to use all of life's experiences as a springboard for healing and living truer to the woman you were born to be. 

Stepping outside your comfort zone into the territory of your dreams and desires and learning skills for navigating this unfamiliar terrain with greater peace, confidence and ease.  


Unlearning everything you've been taught that limits you and perpetuates self-doubt, self- judgement, and mental and emotional suffering so that you can claim a deep seeded sense of self-love, worth, acceptance and peace.   


Belonging to a community of women who truly see, support and celebrate you, while calling you forward and holding you accountable to your brilliance. 

"I used to thrive on ‘busy-ness’ because I falsely believed the more I accomplished the more lovable I was. Post-Authentic Living, I've embraced my enoughness and I'm more peaceful, calm and clear. My life is so much more gratifying and fulfilling."

— Julia Pirrung

"The tools I learned changed me and the lives of everyone around me, because I'm now able to show up with more love, acceptance and patience. My kids now have the mom they deserve - the mom I didn't know how to be until I had the tools."

— Angela Cunniffe

What will I Learn?

Through In-Person Retreats, Personalized Coaching and
At-Home Experiences, You Will Learn, Integrate and Apply. . .








Skills for awakening to the qualities of your inherent, divine nature - love, peace, compassion, joy, creativity, wisdom - and thriving in EVERY area of your life - relationships, work, body, confidence and more.


Tools for creating and living into your dreams, visions and aspirations. 

Powerful processes for releasing barriers in consciousness and bringing your thoughts, feelings, choices and behaviors into alignment with your desires and intentions.

Game-changing principles for experiencing a more deeply fulfilling, gratified, richer
life - both 
personally and professionally. 

Key practices for tuning into your authentic voice and living from your deepest truth. 


Ways of taking care of yourself that support the awareness that you are a magnificent worthy woman, filled with beauty and Divinity. 

Transformational inner work and practical steps to help you live from a greater state of Joy, Abundance and Freedom. 

"My life circumstances aren't different; it's my approach that changes each situation from, 'Oh My God!' to 'Well, that's interesting. Let's see how this can have a positive impact on my life.' I now know it's within my domain to be in this world with courage, compassion and love."

— Alexandra Yajko

“Authentic Living is a journey where I constantly push my edge of being vulnerable and seen. It has me showing up more honestly and authentically than I ever would on my own.  It's something I never want to be without, so I signed up for the Advanced Program, too! ”

— Sunni McBride

How Does it  Work? 

This Program is About Awakening You to Your Radiance - and Creating a Life That Reflects the Truth of Who You Are

The Authentic Living Program brings you live group retreats, community support, plus personalized coaching to help you create what you're wanting in your life AND feel held, seen and supported every step of the way. 

Authentic Living Lindsay and Beth


In our first live gathering together you'll get connected to an incredible sisterhood, clarify a specific dream or desire to bring forward during our 6 months together and begin learning the foundational tools of the program. 

2nd weekend of September (Friday - Sunday) 
Friday Opening Reception + Dinner: 6 pm - 9 pm 
Saturday: 10 am - 6:30 pm 

Sunday: 9 am - 6 pm


These live meetings are highly experiential and powerful. They are designed to teach you the transformative and paradigm shifting principles and tools of the program. Expect to be profoundly altered by the richness of these gatherings.

Authentic Living Lindsay and Beth

Live Weekend Retreats

Denver, CO

Oct., 9:30 am - 5 pm            

Nov., 9:30 am - 5 pm

Live Virtual Retreats

Online (join from anywhere)

Dec., 9:30 am - 12:30 pm            

Jan., 9:30 am - 12:30 pm 

Feb., 9:30 am - 12:30 pm 

Authentic Living Lindsay and Beth


Between the live monthly retreats, you will meet with a new member of the group each month. You'll be given a specific process for each meeting, designed to support you in deeply integrating everything you're learning and creating lasting, sustainable change.

September  - March
Scheduled between the live monthly retreats at your convenience. 


Each month you're invited to attend an intimate online group coaching call with Lindsay & Beth. We will dive deep into whatever is coming up for you so that you can receive support around dissolving any barriers blocking you from what you most want. 

September - March

6 group coaching calls with Lindsay & Beth for 90 min. (1x/month)

Authentic Living Lindsay and Beth
Authentic Living Lindsay and Beth


You'll meet monthly (online or in person) with a smaller circle of women (your Dream Team) that will offer you deeper sisterhood and connection, and help you stay inspired and accountable to your goals. Group coaching calls led by Lindsay/Beth (they rotate) and our Head Coach will also keep you clear and in action.   


September - March

5 team meetings + 5 group coaching calls for 90 min


Our Private Slack Group is your place to get support, inspiration and

encouragement from your new community of sisters whenever you need it. Our Head Coach will also answer any questions you post so you feel even more supported throughout the program PLUS Lindsay and Beth will frequently pop in to provide coaching, too!


September - March

This group will exist during and after the program ends so that you can stay forever connected to an incredible sisterhood.

Authentic Living Lindsay and Beth
Authentic Living Lindsay and Beth


After 6-months of sisterhood, support, learning and integration, we'll gather one final time to celebrate the woman you've become and the life you've created, recap your learnings and clarify your next steps so you are set up powerfully for what's next! 

1st Weekend in March (Saturday - Sunday) 

Saturday: 10 am - 6:30 pm

Sunday: 9:30 am - 7 pm (Celebration Dinner, 5:30 pm - 7 pm)

Ready to Join? 

This program will change you in unimaginable ways.


Are you ready to take the leap, grow your wingspan

and go higher?


We're selecting a small group of heart-centered + soulful women who are ready to join an empowered sisterhood, awaken to their radiance and create a life they love.


This program is by application only - and space is limited! 

Monica Viall

What I gained was invaluable. I’m more confident. I trust more. I recognize when I’m triggered and can bring myself to a calmer place. I have powerful tools and support. I am so grateful I stepped out of my comfort zone and did something for me. I have so much love and gratitude for this course, the women and my growth.

Julie Oldham

Authentic Living gave me the gift of understanding me. Forgiving myself. Removing judgment and fear from my relationship. And the women - the amazing, courageous, beautiful women - and the bond between us.

Kirsten Schmit

2018 was filled with challenges, but thanks to Authentic Living it was an outstanding year. The program taught me how to handle whatever life brings me with grace and confidence. I'm able to let go and trust. I’m less reactive. I see the opportunity in every circumstance. It helped me align with my higher self and gave me tools for life.

Join Us!

We are selecting a small group of heart-centered + soulful women who are ready to join an empowered sisterhood, awaken to their radiance and create a life they love.


This program is by application only - and space is limited! 

Marilyn Seltzer

I was hesitant to sign up because of the cost. But if I could go back in time and talk to the woman I was prior to the program I would tell her, 'You and your wellbeing are worth it. Honestly, you can not afford NOT to do this program.'

Tracy Sgroi

This sisterhood has changed me. Thank you for opening up my heart and teaching me to love myself again.

Kristin Nelson

When I started, it was difficult for me to speak my mind. Now I speak with confidence and stay true to myself and what I want. This was the best journey of my life. I learned so much and the peace I feel now is amazing.



Program Founders & Facilitators

Beth Mobilian and Lindsay Patterson are Personal and Professional Coaches and the founders and facilitators of Authentic Living. Known for catalyzing people into greater joy, love and authenticity, together they co-lead workshops, groups and trainings to help people awaken to their inherent radiance and create a life they love.


Authentic Living began as a spark of an idea in Beth's living room in 2010 and has since grown into a thriving program, with graduates from around the country. Designed to support women in claiming who they really are and what they really want, the program offers women a potent and life-changing combination of transformative principles, practices and tools, powerful coaching and extraordinary sisterhood. 

Both women live and work in the Roaring Fork Valey and hold a Masters Degree in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica.  

Lindsay Patterson and Beth Mobilian Authentic Living

"And the day came when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom." - Anais Nin 

Ready to live into your desires?

This program is by application only - and space is limited!

This program is by application only - and space is limited!

Mariah Morris

I absolutely got more out of this program than I expected. I loved the friendships, the deep conversations and the discovery. Overall, I have a greater sense of acceptance of myself and others. I'm also less defensive due to the greater comfort I have with who I am. 

Kerrie Schur

I experienced a deepening around self-love, setting clear and loving boundaries, and compassionate understanding of myself and others. If you are looking to deepen in your evolution and awareness and desiring a safe space to be real and honest while being supported by an encouraging sisterhood, then look no further than Authentic Living.

Rebecca Leibinger

There's not one area of my life that hasn't changed for the better since Authentic Living - parenthood, my marriage, friendships, career, my self-confidence. . . The list goes on and on! I love this program. In fact, I love it so much that I've done it twice and I'm in the Advanced Program now! 

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