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Have a Dream or Desire? Just Take the Next, Aligned Step.

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

How many times have you had a dream or desire, but abandoned it because you doubted it was possible?  Or, felt so overwhelmed that you couldn’t even take the first step? Trust us, we’ve been there. This past weekend we launched our 5th Authentic Living Program with 20 of the most incredible, heart-centered women. We’re still buzzing from the privilege of supporting these women in claiming their desires and breaking through the blocks that have held them back. It’s a dream come true for us to do this work and help women light up their lives from the inside out. But 5 years ago, Authentic Living was just a dream. We were newbies, just starting out. We had a heartfelt calling, the courage to own it and the willingness to take action towards it. But we didn't know the how, because we had never filled a program before. And guess what? We didn’t need to know - and neither do you.  We shared with the women this weekend that what often paralyzes us is the belief that we have to see the entire path before we start; that we have to know all of the steps to get from A to Z, but that’s not true.  We only need to know the NEXT SMALL STEP. What’s the very next baby-step I can take that will move me towards my desire? Then what’s the next baby-step after that?  Small, aligned steps taken consistently over time form big strides. And with each step you take, the next step will become clear - it will be revealed to you.  Life loves you and is on your side. As you get into action, the Universe will provide you with inspiration, guidance, support and opportunities you can’t even begin to imagine.  Everything can change when you’re courageous enough to take the next action that’s right in front of you. What once seemed impossible, becomes possible.

So whether your desire has to do with your relationships - the relationship with your partner, family members or the manifestation of a soul-to-soul relationship - or the desire to transform your relationship with yourself or step into work that is heartfelt and meaningful to you... it's in your heart for a reason and wouldn’t be there if you didn’t have the power to bring it into your reality. Get into action and discover this for yourself! 

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