Authentic Living


Welcome, Sister!


As a graduate (or almost graduate!) of Authentic Living, you know what so many women long to know. 

You know the transformation that occurs in a woman's heart and mind from this work. 

You know the inner obstacles you can overcome when you have a community that doesn't buy into your limitations, but rather stands with and for you, encourages you and inspires you to go beyond your edges. 


So what do you need to stay conscious, awake, aligned? 


What will nurture and fan the flame of what you know so that it doesn't die? 

What will support you in showing up as the most Authentic YOU and thriving no matter what's happening in the world? 

You have the tools. You have the community. And once you join our tribe, you are a sister for life. There is nothing you need that you don't already have. Know this. 

But here's what we want you to ask yourself: When I reach my fitness goals, is that the time to take a break? Just like with physical fitness, if you don't nurture the muscle of consciousness you've developed, it will wither away until one day you realize you're right back where you started. . .

If you want to keep your light not just on, but burning bright - especially now, in the face of a global pandemic that has shaken our sense of peace, security and direction - then we invite you to join us for Advanced Authentic Living












Exclusively for grads, Advanced Authentic Living is the next step in your journey to truly integrate and embody the tools of Authentic Living so you can align with and live from your highest self EVERY day.


Advanced will have you: 

  • Carving out the actual time and space for YOU - to get in touch with YOUR needs,
    what YOU want and to create a plan to make it happen. 

  • Showing up for yourself and doing the emotional, mental and spiritual work you know you need to do to create a life that is an expression of who you truly are.  

  • Using the tools that will give you the peace, trust, love, confidence, security and freedom that comes with aligning with your Authentic Self. 

  • Staying in sisterhood and being surrounded by women who will cheer you on, support you and be there for you through thick and thin. 

  • Getting powerful coaching from Beth and Lindsay who will hold you to the highest and best within you and support you in rewiring your beliefs and changing the way you show up so you can change your life for the better.  

Without the support, structure and sisterhood of a program like Advanced Authentic Living, it's so easy to fall back into old patterns and habitual ways of being. 


That's why we'd like to invite you to join us. 


You'll expand from where you are now and go even higher in your life - while creating deep, life-long friendships and having tons of fun along the way!

Here's What You Get When You Join. . .


Over the course of an entire year (12 months), you'll have the opportunity to gather 6 times (or more if you choose!) with your sisters to receive live group coaching from Beth and Lindsay. During these 3-hour meetings, Beth and Lindsay will answer questions, offer hot seat coaching and facilitate incredible shifts in real time, allowing everyone in the group to experience their own transformation from the coaching and insights they experience and/or witness.

Meetings are the first Wednesday of the month, 9 am - 12 pm, starting October 7, 2020 and ending September 1, 2021. We will meet outdoors with social distancing until the weather turns cold and then virtually until the weather warms up again (or COVID is no longer an issue). When you register, you'll receive 6 meetings and can choose which months to attend. Additional meetings can be purchased a la carte at a special discounted rate.  


During each live meeting, you'll partner with another women in the program for a short process, allowing you to make deeper connections and work on dissolving any blocks in your consciousness that are standing between you and your intentions. If you choose, you and your partner can stay connected throughout the month, holding each other accountable to any action steps you commit to and offering support, inspiration and encouragement



"Having a regular opportunity to connect with my own season, as well as benefit from the wisdom and insights of the other seasons, has been invaluable in refining and sharpening the awareness and tools I built during Authentic Living. Consistency and continuity have been paramount in nurturing my next phase of growth."  



Recharged, reminded and ready for anything

"The meetings are so supportive and fulfilling. I leave feeling recharged, reminded and ready for anything. I'm so thankful for this group of women in my life."  


kelly 2_edited.jpg

Keeps me connected, accountable and tapped in

"Maintenance is the hard part because it's so easy to slip back into old patterns. Advanced keeps me connected, accountable and tapped in. It keeps me in the work and helps me to remember and apply the tools. An unexpected bonus is the deep bonds I've formed with not only the women from my own season, but women from the other seasons as well. I'm SO thankful for Advanced!"  



The Investment in Yourself

Regular Price for 6-punch pass = $1500  

Reduced Price (COVID Discount) for 6-punch pass = $1250 (pay in full)

or 3 Monthly Payments of $500 (payment plan)

The 6-punch pass allows you to attend any 6 meetings over the course of a year. All meetings are scheduled the first Wednesday of the month, 9 am - 12 pm, starting October 7, 2020 and ending on September 1, 2021. We will gather outdoors with social distancing until the weather turns cold and then will meet virtually until the weather warms up again (or COVID is no longer an issue).


Additional meetings can be purchased a la carte at a reduced price (COVID discount) of $175/mtg (normally $250/mtg). Must purchase 6-punch pass to purchase individual meetings. Open to grads of Authentic Living only.

The first 10 women to sign up will receive a *free* 45-minute coaching session with one of us!

Pay in Full



Payment Plan

3 monthly payments of


Starts October 7th

Frequently Asked Questions

When are the meetings and how many can I attend?

Meetings are from 9 am to 12 pm MST the first Wednesday of the month, starting October 7, 2020 and ending September 1, 2021. When you purchase a 6-punch pass, you can attend 6 of any of the following meetings: October 7 November 4 December 2 January 6 February 3 March 3 April 7 May 5 June 2 July 7 August 4 September 1 Additional meetings can be purchased at a discounted rate of $175/meeting.

Where do we meet?

Due to COVID, meetings will be held outdoors with social distancing until the weather turns cold and then we will meet virtually until the weather warms up again (or COVID is no longer an issue). In-person meetings will be held at varying outdoor locations between Basalt and Aspen. Virtual meetings will be recorded and emailed to the entire group.

How is Advanced different from Authentic Living?

Authentic Living introduces you to a new lens through which to view life and provides a foundational spiritual toolbox. The Advanced Program is the next step. It's a deeper dive. It's the place where you learn to truly embody and live everything you've learned. It's where you build on the momentum you gained in Authentic Living and really integrate the tools in your day-to-day life.

I feel like I've done a lot in Authentic Living - Shouldn't I take a break?

When you reach your fitness goals, is that the time to take a break? Just like with physical fitness, if you want to maintain (and grow!) the muscle of consciousness that you've developed, then you have to continue to do your work. You have to keep showing up, getting support, using the tools and being in action. Whether you do that with us, or with some other program or structure, we encourage you to get the support you need to continue to do your work so you can show up as the highest and best version of yourself in every area of your life.

What if I purchase a 6-punch pass, but I don't use all 6 meetings?

What we've noticed is that most of the women in Advanced use all 6 meetings. Plus, now that we've added virtual meetings because of COVID, it's more convenient and easier than ever to attend from wherever you are in the world. However, if you purchase a 6-punch pass, but don't use all of your meetings, you can roll over a maximum of 2 unused meetings to the next round of Advanced Authentic Living.

Will I get personalized support from Beth and Lindsay?

Yes! You'll get to ask questions and receive hot seat choaching from Beth and Lindsay at every Advanced meeting, as well as benefit from the witnessing the powerful shifts Beth and Lindsay facilitate with the other women in the group.

I don't feel like I played full out in Authentic Living. I hardly did any of the Lovework and I didn't follow thorugh on a lot of my commitments. Shouldn't I take a year to do it on my own?

What we've noticed with previous grads is that if you didn't do the Lovework while in the program, it's unlikely you'll go back and do it on your own. And if you didn't play full out, and you have judgement or regret about that, the Advanced Program will give you the opportunity to explore, work with and breakthrough the part of you that holds back and keeps you playing small so that you can experience what's on the other side.

I feel great - Why do Advanced?

The Advanced Program is about sustaining this work. It's about giving yourself the support you need so that you don't fall back into old, unconscious habits. It's about learning how to continue feeling great and giving yourself permission to expand from this place and go even higher. And since there is an inevitable ebb and flow to life, having this program for an entire year will ensure you have support in place to thrive no matter what life throws at you!

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A special group of women who have my back

"S*&# happens, so it's been incredibly valuable to me to have access to the wisdom and guidance of Beth and Lindsay and the women in the group. It's often the only time I get to connect with such a special group of women who I know have my back." 


The first 10 women to sign up will receive a *free* 45-minute coaching session with one of us!

Pay in Full



Payment Plan

3 monthly payments of