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Everything is Conspiring for Your Highest Good (That's How Much Life Loves You)

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

When things don't happen the way we think they should have, our first thought usually isn't, "this is happening for a reason."

Instead we think thoughts like: "That shouldn't have happened."  "Life is so unfair."  "This is horrible."  "If only things were different." 

These thoughts, while certainly understandable, cause us to suffer and block us from seeing that Life truly is on our side. 

God, Spirit, Universe, Life - whatever you call it - really is friendly. 

It's FOR us, not against us.  It loves and supports us. 

And it's always working for our highest good. 

All of our life experiences - even those we might judge as "bad" - are here to help us learn and grow. 

The friend who crosses your boundaries. 

The partner who doesn't 'see' you. 

The ex who cheated on you. 

The child who doesn't listen to you.

The promotion you didn't get. 

The weight you put back on for the umpteenth time. 

Every challenge, every situation, every person is here to teach us something that only that challenge, situation or person can teach us. 





Knowing our worth and value




Unconditional Love 

These are just some of the lessons that Life is seeking to help us learn through the curriculum of our experiences so that we can evolve into the next highest version of ourselves.

We know sometimes it can be hard to believe that life really is for us, especially when things happen that we think 'shouldn't' have happened. We 100% get it. 

But when we hold on to the story that what happened 'shouldn't' have happened we experience pain. Heartbreak. Suffering.

There is NO WAY OUT of pain when we resist what’s already happened. Byron Katie says, “The source of our upset is never the thing itself, it is our belief that it should not have happened. . . when it already did.”

The only way out of our pain and back into the love of our hearts is to acknowledge what happened, to feel the pain, fully process it, and then ask,  “How can I use this challenge to grow personally?”  “What is God, Spirit, the Universe wanting me to learn from this?” “Who is Life asking me to be?” 

When I’m challenged and ‘in it’ I, Beth, always say, “THANK YOU” because even if I don’t yet understand the reason, my Higher Self knows that there is a larger purpose behind whatever is happening. Saying "thank you" (even when I don’t genuinely feel grateful), creates an upward shift in my consciousness and opens my mind to recognize the learning opportunity that’s present.  

It’s not always easy, but in my experience, it’s the most empowering choice and helps me live more open-hearted and free. 

But don’t take my word for it! I encourage you to try it out for yourself this week. What happens inside of you when you’re triggered but you choose to pause and say, "Thank you" (even if you can’t yet see the lesson)? 

We hope this message is what you needed to hear today. 

Remember, Life loves you - and so do we! 

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